Starter Equipment Checklist

Primary Fermenter: Food grade plastic vessel and lid with at least 18 more litres (5 gallons) of capacity than your kit makes. This will allow fermentation bubbling and foaming to happen without spilling over.

Carboy: Glass or plastic narrow-necked container. A typical wine kit requires a 23 litre (6 gallon) carboy.

Thermometer: Used to monitor the temperature during the winemaking process.

Air Lock/Fermentaion Lock: Designed to prevent bacteria and oxygen from getting into your wine, while allowing the produced carbon dioxide gas to escape.

Bored Stopper: Holds the air lock/fermentation lock in place (AKA – bung with hole).

Mixing Spoon or Paddle: A winemaking specific food grape plastic stirring utensil long enough to reach the bottom of the primary fermenter.

Wine Thief: Used to take samples from the primary fermenter and carboy. Hydrometer: Instrument used to measure the amount of sugar using Specific Gravity (S.G.) to monitor fermentation progress.

Degassing Wand: A tool used to remove the carbon dioxide gas from wine. This is the most effective, quickest and easiest way to degas wine. Attaches to a power drill. Optional, but recommended.

Siphon Hose & Racking Tube: Used to transfer wine from one container to another while leaving sediment behind.

Solid Bung: Fits into carboy to prevent oxygen and spoilage organisms from entering wine. Only use once wine is degassed.

Bottle Filler: Took to automatically dispense liquid when inserted into a bottle and ¬stops liquid flow upon removal.

Bottles: Regular wine kits that produce 23 litres (6 gallons) will require approximately 30 750ml bottles.

Corks: Use new corks each time for a proper seal.

Labels: Sometimes come in kit, but can be purchased individually or create custom labels yourself!

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